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A conversation designed to help help average givers become everyday philanthropists. Where we share the journey of other philanthropists and shine a spotlight on the many great nonprofits that are out there to support. The show is how hosted by Andrew McNair, a financial commentator, author,9 figure wealth manager and philanthropist.

Ep.25 – Levi Lusko: Giving During Singleness

Ep.24 – Larry the Cable Guy: Sharing Wealth and Laughter

Ep.23 – Stephen Kendrick: Faith In Film Making

Ep.22 – Scott Hamilton: Skating into Giving

Ep.21 – Dr. Ben Carson: Educating the Next Generation of Givers

Ep.20 – Dr. Nido Qubein: Higher Education on Giving

Ep.19 – Christine Caine: Faithfulness & Freedom

Ep.18 – Derrick Brooks: Making Strides in Education

Ep.17 – Bethany Hamilton: Riding the Waves of Adversity and Generosity

Ep.16 – Chris Tomlin: Giving: A Form of Worship

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