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Ep.37 – Lee Strobel: The Case for Giving

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

Join host Andrew McNair on the Rich Young Powerful Podcast as he welcomes special guest Lee Strobel, former Legal Editor at the Chicago Tribune and author of bestselling books like “The Case for Christ and “The Case for Heaven.” Together, they dive deep into faith, apologetics, and stewardship.

In this episode, Andrew and Lee explore powerful questions surrounding faith and reason. Lee shares his journey of discovering faith and the impactful lessons he’s learned along the way. They discuss the importance of being prepared to share your faith and provide reasons for your beliefs.

Tune in for practical advice on how faith substantiated by evidence can change the way we live, especially in how we manage our resources. Whether you’re looking to start giving or deepen your spiritual journey, this episode offers valuable insights to help you on your path.

Don’t miss Lee’s closing thoughts, where he shares advice for young atheists and answers thought-provoking questions about culture, beliefs, and the future.


  • The four E’s of apologetics: Early, Eyewitness, Evidence, and Experience.
  • How to respond to atheists’ questions about God’s love, the existence of hell, and the presence of evil in the world.
  • Tips for having meaningful gospel conversations and living a life of stewardship and generosity.
  • Insights from Lee’s extensive research into heaven and eternal perspectives.

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