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Ep.28 – JD Greear: Pastors’ Silence on Money

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

Welcome to the Rich Young & Powerful Podcast!

Our special guest today, JD Greear, is the former President of the Southern Baptist Convention, current Pastor of Summit Church in Durham, NC, and the author of many books, including Stop Asking Jesus into Your Heart, Gospel, and Essential Christianity.


  • JD shares his take on why many pastors are avoiding the subject of money or only using a select few passages to teach about tithing and biblical stewardship.
  • JD lays out his recommendations for preaching on stewardship, and what is at stake if pastors continue to remain silent about tithing and generosity.
  • JD explains how money is “the great competitor to God” and how bible study leaders can help to guide and encourage givers despite that competition.

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