Ep39 – Derwin Gray: The Good Life

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

Welcome to the Rich Young & Powerful Podcast! 

Our special guest, Derwin Gray is an author, retired NFL player and pastor.  


  • Derwin Gray shares his faith journey, highlighting influential figures in his life, including the intriguing story of “the naked preacher.” He also addresses the alarming statistic that American churches are significantly more segregated than their neighborhoods, discussing how embracing diversity can lead to true unity. 
  • Derwin explores how biblical narratives address racial divisions, emphasizing Jesus’ mission to heal such divides. He elaborates on his statement, “You can’t spell Grace without race,” explaining the concept of becoming a new race of people united in faith and love. 
  • Reflecting on the story of the Good Samaritan, Derwin challenges listeners to understand the true cost of mercy—highlighting the sacrificial nature of genuine generosity that transcends racial and cultural barriers. 
  • From his transition from an NFL career to non-profit work, Derwin shares personal insights on stewardship, cultural influences on generosity, and how giving can bridge racial divides. He emphasizes the importance of supporting local multiethnic churches to foster inclusive communities. 


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