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Ep.34 – Steve Green & Michel McAfee: Building A Culture Of Generosity

Here are just a handful of the things that we'll discuss:

Welcome to the Rich Young & Powerful Podcast!

Step into the dynamic world of leadership and inspiration with this week’s special guests who offer an enriching conversation unlike any other – Steve Green, the visionary CEO of Hobby Lobby, and Michael McAfee, the co-founder of Inspire Experiences.

Explore the intricate details of personal and corporate giving, faith, and servant-style leadership as Green and McAfee share their experiences, challenges, and pivotal moments that have shaped their paths. Each guest brings a wealth of wisdom and insight to the table with conversation that is sure to empower every listener.

Discover the art of purpose-driven generosity as we delve into the values and principles that have propelled these leaders to being well-known philanthropists and enjoy the invaluable lessons that will leave you motivated, empowered, and challenged to craft your own path to generous living when you tune into “Building a Culture of Generosity” with Steve Green and Michael McAfee.



  • Steve reveals how Hobby Lobby’s ethos of stewardship and generosity has shaped its culture since day one.
  • Steve and Michael explore navigating generational wealth and running a business on biblical principles in a secular society.
  • Steve and Michael debunk misconceptions surrounding Hobby Lobby and the Green family’s Museum of the Bible in Washington


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