I Am Not Leaving an Inheritance

February 22, 2024

In my investment company, I’ve spent my life counseling the top 1% and 10% of income earners and wealth holders in the US. Many of them have so much wealth…

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Should You Tithe on Real Estate Sales?

February 15, 2024

Do you tithe on a real estate sale? There’s not a simple “yes” or “no” answer for this because it depends on the situation. Here’s how I would tithe on…

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Should You Tithe on Inheritance?

February 8, 2024

Maybe your uncle or parent just passed away, leaving you an unexpected inheritance—a gift out of the blue. You’re ecstatic. Or maybe you’re expecting an inheritance in the near future,…

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Is It Biblical to Leave an Inheritance?

February 1, 2024

As a financial advisor, when I discuss income planning with my clients, I’m constantly encouraging many of them to spend more. I remind them if you don’t start flying and…

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Who Benefits from Tithing?

January 25, 2024

Tithing is giving 10% percent of your gross income to your local church. Maybe you aren’t tithing because you don’t see the point. Or maybe you are faithfully giving, but…

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Should You Tithe on Social Security?

January 18, 2024

Social Security is the main source of income for over 40% of retirees, according to the National Institute on Retirement Security.[1] It also provides supplemental retirement income for millions of…

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What Was Tithing Like in the Bible?

January 11, 2024

For the first time in history, tithing is at our fingertips. You can tithe anywhere, anytime. Just a mere swipe and tap on your phone screen to your church’s website…

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Why You Should Tithe As an Atheist

January 4, 2024

One of my controversial statements that people get riled up about is that you should tithe even if you’re an atheist. Giving 10% of your income away is the first…

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How To Tithe When Retired

December 28, 2023

A common question I get is, “How do you tithe when retired?” The question behind the question is typically, “What retirement income should I be tithing on?” In retirement, multiple…

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Andrew Carnegie & The Gospel of Wealth

December 21, 2023

Giving away most of your wealth is unprecedented in our society—but that’s exactly what one of the richest men in America did. His name was Andrew Carnegie, and he spent…

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Can Philanthropy Save Democracy?

December 14, 2023

People today are throwing stones more than ever at democracy. I was with some friends recently when a friend’s wife said, “Well, what’s wrong with socialism anyway? Maybe it is…

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Why Tithing Works

December 7, 2023

There’s a lot of controversy around tithing, and understandably so. For a lot of people, money is control. People don’t like letting go of their money—unless it’s on their terms—because…

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