Is My Pastor Stealing My Money?

September 7, 2023

Every time a pastor stands up in a pulpit to preach a sermon on stewardship, tithing, or money, just wait for it! You can almost hear the wave of groans…

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Can Tithing Be a Tax Deduction?

August 31, 2023

I get asked a lot, “Can tithing be a tax deduction?” I always answer with a resounding, “Yes, it can!” It has gotten harder over recent years to claim a…

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Will Tithing Make You Rich?

August 24, 2023

One of the common questions I get around tithing is, “Will tithing make me rich?” The short answer is yes, tithing can you make you rich. That is, rich in…

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Tithing When Money is Tight

August 17, 2023

It’s been said that the poor spend first and invest what’s left while the rich invest first and spend what’s left. I’d like to create my own version that says…

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Shepherding Your Children Financially

August 10, 2023

Abraham Lincoln wisely said, “Teach the children so it won’t be necessary to teach the adults.” God calls us to shepherd our children and grandchildren, which means to gently lead and guide them…

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Why Philanthropy is Good for Business

August 3, 2023

David Green is one of the richest men in America. His net worth is $14.9 billion as of 2023. But what does he do with it? Gives half of his company’s…

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Why Paying It Forward Is Not Generous

July 27, 2023

You’ve likely seen the headlines where “Chain Reaction of Kindness Involved Over 900 Vehicles Driving Through a Minnesota Dairy Queen” or “Mystery Woman Picks Up Lunch Tab For Everyone in…

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Why Investing Is Better Than Saving

July 20, 2023

I was recently speaking to a college-age family member, and I asked him if he was saving. He said, “Saving? Sure, I do it all the time.” I said, “Tell…

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Why Budgets Don’t Work

July 13, 2023

I’ve worked in the financial world since I was 14. Given that tenure, a lot of people are surprised to find that I don’t like budgets, I don’t recommend budgets,…

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Where Do You Give Your Tithe?

July 6, 2023

Where should you give your tithe? You can’t trade in American dollars for heavenly currency. You can’t write God a check or Venmo him your tithe directly. He doesn’t accept…

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When Giving to the Poor is Wrong

June 29, 2023

There’s a situation when giving to the poor is wrong. I hope I got your attention with this subject. I’m serious—the Bible lists out for us a specific circumstance when…

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What Is Tithing?

June 23, 2023

Mention tithing to anyone, and you’ll quickly realize all the controversy around this subject: Should Christians tithe today? Isn’t it just an Old Testament thing? Did Jesus even say anything…

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